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SMA Chapter 10: Quote Favorit OMF (4)

Originally Posted by Al Mighty

I just realized something.

After the latest chapter, it seems Chad’s fate has been explained. I have a theory.

Since Chad is a Mexican, he likes to slack around and be lazy. Which is further supported by his mellow attitude and the dislike of fighting, he also didn’t even bother fighting when people were beating his face in school. He is just THAT lazy. So instead of going to school and studying, he wanted to rest for a LONG time. Sensing his inner desire, Hogyoku gave him shitty powers and planned for him to be owned every single time. This way, he would end up on the floor, in the pool of his own blood, resting for hours/days/months/forever. Hogyoku gave him his wish – a nice quiet rest on a warm surface.

This makes perfect sense and shows just why Chad loves the floor so much.

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