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SMA Chapter 11: Quote Favorit OMF (5)

Originally Posted by Akira-kun

– This story is not about a bottle of Bleach.
– 95% of the Bleach characters are either half dead, forgotten or non-existing.
– Having a fanbase could mean life and death in this manga.
– The main character can never die. It is a law of nature.
– There is no logic in Bleach. A dead character can suddenly be revived.

– Yoruchi is the strongest woman in Bleach.
– The nakama…Who are they again?
– Captains you thought were awesome in the SS arc are hopeless now or are dead.
– Aizen is god and a good stalker.
– Chad is the best punchbag in the series.
– Komamura is the second.
– Renji is the third.
– Ishida is the fourth.
– The espada are fodders.
– Plotarmour only applied for the good guys.
– Good guys cannot die even though they lose half of their body and their vital organs.
– On the other hand, bad guys can die easily from a minor wound.
– Don’t be fooled by the amount of chapter in the manga. The fact is that the past 50 chapters have relatively little plot development.
– The vizards were fodder.
– Background barely exist.
– A 13 km long sword means a lot.
– Telling your ability to your opponent won’t get you killed unless you’re a villain.
– Gin will die.
– As long you have white hair, is short and look cool, you will have fangirls. If you are tall, black, and your name is Chad, I’m so sorry, you will be trolled.
– Ichigo and Isshin are the most plotarmour father and son team.
– Ulquirra is the cause of the war in the relationship thread.
– Chad x ground is an official pairing in Bleach.
– Fillers bored us to death. Don’t watch!
– The most ignored character are Chojiro, Iba, Omaeda.
– Fanservice exist in the manga.
– The most trolled characters are Yammy, Yama, Kensei, Hiyori, Histugaya and practically everyone…
– Histugaya stabbed his best friend and she is going to get back at him eventually…
– Kido are awesome yet hardly anyone use it.
– The cutest character”Orihime” is an expert on whining.
– All the awesome character in bleach hardly appeared again with exception for Ken and Urahara.
– Some of the character that appeared now are no longer awesome.
– Kubo is the best troller of all time!
– Hogyoku is officially hax.
– Aizen just turn into a mannequin.
– GT is the most spam attack.
– Barrangan has bad breath.
– If there is a good guy fighting against Aizen, Aizen will win.

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